dr michael schottenstein md servicesDr. Schottenstein provides psychiatric evaluation and treatment services to children, adolescents, and adults with a wide range of diagnoses. Any treatment encounter begins with an initial evaluation, during which an initial diagnosis and suggested treatment can be formulated with the patient. Depending on the type of problem, treatment may include individual psychotherapy along with medication treatment; or medication management alone with a possible recommendation that therapy be added to the treatment plan through the services of a referral. If family therapy or marital therapy is recommended, then a referral will usually be made to another clinician that specializes in that mode of treatment.

Psychiatric Assessment

An initial psychiatric assessment with Dr. Schottenstein is an approximately 90 minute appointment, utilizing a bio-psycho-social approach to establish a probable diagnosis and a recommended treatment plan.  Prior to the appointment the patient is encouraged to fill out a New Patient Registration Form. During this initial appointment, Dr. Schottenstein provides his patients with all the medical and psychological information necessary to allow them to make their own informed medical decisions regarding treatment options, such as psychotropic medication and/or psychotherapy.

Medication Management and Psychotherapy

These appointments are all-inclusive and range from 25 to 50 minutes. They allow you and Dr. Schottenstein to use the complete bio-psycho-social treatment approach to help improve your emotional well-being. During these sessions he is able to address your biochemical needs through medication adjustments and also utilize psychotherapy to improve and alleviate the psychosocial stressors in your life. Dr. Schottenstein is trained in a variety of psychotherapeutic modalities but prefers psychodynamic, supportive and cognitive behavioral therapy. The length of time can vary between appointments, depending on the stability of the condition, and the degree to which psychotherapy is incorporated into treatment.